Two Tire Storage System

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2/3 Tire Storage Racks

Two Tier Storage System and Three Tier Storage System are unique and mostly used by Defence, Ware houses and Industries where space is acute short and vertical space is available for storage. The Racking Systems is design in such a way that it starts from floor and divided at Ist and 2 nd floor by Catwalks.

This system provides you the systematic way of storage of the valued products of yours. This storage systems is designed for the optimum use of space upto the ceiling. This system provides you with 200% higher space available. These racks are designed with Higher heights provided with the passages at the ground and the walkways at the height of 6' to 8' from the ground, along with the staircase for operation.

Two Tier Storage Racks

We manufacture the Two tier storage systems, which are unique in their designs and are widely used by industries and ware houses, where there is an acute shortage of space and vertical space is open to storage. The racking systems starts from the ground floor and it is divided into 1st and 2nd floors by catwalks or staircases. The materials could be lifted manually or by using a conveyer or forklift and one can store three fold materials by installing these storage systems. They are made according to customer specifications and at competitive prices.

2 Tier Storage System that are proven to be highly suitable for keeping industrial goods and material at safe position. It is made from robust stainless steel metal that has 2 tiers in it. Our storage system is rust free and is unaffected by moisture, heat & dust. The assembling of this system is easy and has stable base.

Three Tier Storage Racks

We are offering 3 Tier Storage System that are developed from finest steel and are come with tough load bearing capacity. These are galvanized from zinc metal that makes this corrosion proof and scratch-less. This storage system is installed chiefly in IT firms and other networking industries. Moreover, we also find these in manufacturing industries, hospitals, offices etc.


  • Excellent capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Optimum utilization of space

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